Homestead HS Virtual Percussion Performance
2020 changed so many things, one of which was the ability for students of the arts to perform their talents in front of live audiences. Homestead High school's percussion program reached out to me to help give their students the ability to continue learning and sharing their talents with others through performance.

We created an accompanying video to highlight and tell a story alongside the recorded performances of their students. IN lieu of being able to perform at local competitions, this was the perfect way to celebrate the hard work and achievements.

Check out the full piece with their recorded performance audio

Roles on Project: Creative Direction, 3D animation, Editorial
Client | HOmestead High School Percussion
Creative | Arcane Motion
Producers | Lane Armey, Ryan Springler
Music and Audio | Justin Shelton
Addl. Artists | JC Tecklenburg
Performers | Homestead HS Indoor Percussion Students
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